Messages MOTHER OF LOVE - 2018


Message of Mary, Mother of Love - Sunday, 28 January 2018, Paratico

Dear and beloved children, open your hearts to the infinite love of God.
Beloved children, first of all welcome the Word of Jesus and live it in your life.
Then once in you, bring His Word to the world, bring it with your Christian witness. Bring His Word to all men because His Word transforms hearts.
Children, fight the evil and hatred that is there in the world with prayer and penance.
Fight indifference by approaching the Holy Sacraments that give new life, a life that wants then to share His love with all. My children, the world needs true love. It needs witnesses of love, the love that comes from His heart. Be apostles of charity and children of love always.
I bless you heartily in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is Spirit of Love.
Thank you for coming here in prayer, I kiss you all... Bye, my children.