Sunday, 28 January 2018 - PARATICO (BRESCIA)

Dear and beloved children, open your hearts to the infinite love of God.
Beloved children, first of all welcome the Word of Jesus and live it in your life.
Then once in you, bring His Word to the world, bring it with your Christian witness. Bring His Word to all men because His Word transforms hearts.
Children, fight the evil and hatred that is there in the world with prayer and penance.
Fight indifference by approaching the Holy Sacraments that give new life, a life that wants then to share His love with all. My children, the world needs true love. It needs witnesses of love, the love that comes from His heart. Be apostles of charity and children of love always.
I bless you heartily in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is Spirit of Love.
Thank you for coming here in prayer, I kiss you all... Bye, my children.


Sunday, 25 February 2018 - PARATICO (BRESCIA)


My dear and beloved children, in this season of Lent, a time of grace in your journey of faith, I urge you to rediscover the strength and power of prayer. My children, let prayer be the fuel of your soul. Let it be the pure water that allows you to grow in faith, love and sharing.

My children, thank you for your prayers, your sacrifices, little or big, offered for peace. Thank you, children!

My children, I want to bless you by caressing the sick, the elderly and the little children. I want to bless everyone in the name of God, who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is Spirit of Love. Amen. My children, let us walk together, let us us always walk hand in hand to meet Jesus. Thank you for your presence. Good bye, my children.



Sunday 22 April 2018
Message received on the Apparition Hill in her

Dear and beloved children, thank you for your presence and your prayer. Beloved children, believe without hesitation in the strength, the beauty and the power of prayer. Do not stray from my heart, do not stop along the path that I am pointing to you. Children, the road of holiness is full of obstacles, but you are not alone. You go along this path with me next to you and you will be victorious. 
My children, the world lives through a time of great tribulation, a time of indifference, confusion and hatred. When you move away from the love of God you see the horrors that man, without light and without love, inflicts on his brother. You are witnesses to the love of Jesus!
In this month of May, beloved children, bend your knees and pray with faith. I pray with you, pray with faith! I am your mother and I suffer for what I see... Never be discouraged, but pray. I suffer and pray with you.
I bless you all in the name of the Holy Trinity, in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is Spirit of love. Amen.
I bless the sick, the lonely, the people who live the drama of poverty. I bless all those whom you wish today that I bless. I bless and caress all my children... Goodbye, my children.