Sunday, FEBRUARY 28, 2021
during the prayer of the 4th sunday of the month
a Paratico (Brescia)

My dear and beloved children, With you I have prayed and with you I always pray.
Beloved children, in this time of grace, at this time when I exhort you to prayer, penance and charity, I invite you to empty your heart from the things of the world to let it be filled by God's love. My children, the devil is angry with souls. Pray!
This is a time of grace and purification, my children, empty your life of all that does not give you joy, peace, hope and grace. I am with you, I walk with you, I bless you and I caress you one by one.
I bless you, my children! I am close to you every time you strive to walk, often with difficulty, loving God and loving the brother close to you. I bless you in the name of God who is the Father, of God who is the Son, of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen. Thank you for your presence and prayer. Goodbye, my children.


Friday, MARCH 26, 2021 (27th anniversary of the apparitions)
During the prayer broadcast on social media in Paratico (Brescia)

My dear children, I prayed with you on this day of grace. Children, love one another, shake hands, stand together and walk towards holiness in these times of darkness and confusion. Darkness reigns in so many hearts. Only God can transform, with His light, the darkness that is in the hearts; but to do this, he needs you to open your hearts to His love to build a world of peace, a world where division turns into union, darkness turns into light, hatred turns into love. Children, open your hearts!
Children, abundant graces are now coming down in this place... coming down upon you, and from this place they spread to the whole world. Pray always! I bless you in the name of God who is the Father, of God who is the Son, of God who is the Holy Spirit. Amen. Goodbye, my children.

Sunday, MARCH 28, 2021 (Palm Sunday, beginning of the holy week)
During the prayer of the 4th sunday of the month
in Paratico (Brescia)

My dear and beloved children, thank you for your presence. I am here with you and I welcome you all.
God chose this place and called each one of you here for a project of love, my children. Respond to His plan, respond generously! Many have been called, many are called every day, but few respond to Him with faith and generosity.
My children, in these years we have walked together, I have called you so many times to prayer, to love, to charity, O children. Today I urge you once again to return to God, to return to live the Gospel. Children, fear not, never lose hope, always help your brothers and sisters with prayer and concrete works of love and charity as the Good Samaritan did.
Children, I have come and come to this place as the Mother of Love, because I desire that love, peace and charity reign in your hearts, in your families and throughout the world. Children, the devil sows so much anguish and suffering, but you must pray and remain in My Heart!
As I invite you to abandon yourselves to God's love, I bless you in the name of God who is the Father, of God who is the Son, of God who is spirit of Love. Amen.
I hold you close to me... I kiss you... I give you my caress... Goodbye, my children.